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I messed up on SPS placement and need guidance

Some Rando

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Hi everyone. As the post title says, my SPS placement wasn’t that great. This is my first reef tank and mistakes were made. I put a lot of stuff too close together, and now things are growing together and/or getting ready to touch.

What should I do? A lot of the coral is encrusted on the rocks, so it’s not just a matter of popping off a frag plug and moving it. I’ve also been getting some nice growth lately and it would suck to lose that.

Thank you!
Let it ride and post the results here.

Very nice!! That's a great problem to have, I'd say cut a frag for a back up, let it heal then move it to the spot you want, then remove what you can and also frag that, the bummer part about removing the encrusted part is I chisel but most of the encrusted part may die but, you will have 2 frags to keep, maybe take a look and see wich ones you can move the least, so pick 1 or 2 and move them to clear room for growth o. The others good luck man, nice progress
4 1/2 or 7 inch angle grinder with a diamond blade will cut through the corals and rocks they are on pretty easy then just relocate the pieces. Or just let the war begin with a few bets and see who wins!