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Meshmez's nem/softy tank


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So I have an Innovative Marine 25 lagoon. I have used this as a frag tank/coral quarantine. I decided I don't want my anemones in my new DT, so I have decided to move my clownfish and BTAs to the 25 lagoon, making it a nem/softy tank!

I had planned on using crushed coral/rubble substrate to make it easy to "frag" as shrooms/ zoas/ etc. Spread. But I'm wondering if that will end up just being a mess. Thoughts?

I'm going to start transferring coral over to a holding tank and clean up the tank to restart. I also currently have it on a 2x4 / plywood stand, and I'm going to move it to an APS stand to match my IM112.


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All of @H2OPlayar's tanks use a crushed coral/rubble substrate and he has at least one journal. Personally I'm a fan of it. Also love the colors on nems so I wish I had the space to do this as well. Thumbs up from me!


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I just think it's hard/impossible to clean, but I guess it's supposed to be a "dirtier" tank anyway...
I can always get detritus out of the crushed coral way easier than sand. With the cc, you can blow heavy flow through the substrate and the cc pieces stay in place mostly. Then you have stormed the tank and a filter sock can be added inline for an hour or two.

Also, I asked reef beef this question on the detritus, and the consensus was it becomes inert over time.

Both my tanks at home use the crushed coral and I have links below.