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Popper's IM200ext

That picture is crazy. I'd tell the shipper for sure and also IM. "Yo check this out; not going to affect my warranty right?"

I give delivery guys a break. Not that best paying job and they've got a lot of stops to get done. That's egregious though. Guy definitely should've handled that better and noticed it was going off. That's a crazy angle and even crazier that it was going on long enough to get a picture.
Finally finished the plumbing. Red matches the skimmer and teturn pump
The tank wobbles with a gentle shove. Emailed IM for advice. @Beanju does your wobble?

Hung the lights. The 60" light bar is made of 1/4 aluminim and spray painted with some water resistant paint. If I have to remake the bar, I'd go with 1/3" thick. It will spill light on the left and right. Going to move them inside by 3" each side and re-center the 360x. Will hide the cords inside a cord cover. Planning yo get 90 degree usb-c adapter so the klink cable between the two 360x doesnt stick up too high.
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Would recommend to put a 80/20 bar 1010 series
Made some support for it so xr30 can slide on it


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Today 4/26 water begins to clear up. Will move rocks over from the 100g. Tank gets a little sun light from upper right corner.

these rocks were covered in crap. Bleached them for a day, soaked them in rodi another day, let dry, soak in new salt water for a day. Added to tank.
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Added these from a healthy, ichless, disease-free nano tank shutdown. Therefore didn't qt them. Had them in cage for 24 hours for observation. Cleaner shrimp, dotty back,
royal gramma, watchman goby and a designer clown.
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