got ethical husbandry?

Randy’s Innovative Marine 75 Ext

Pretty amazing how fast an acro can color back up. This BC Backdraft the Movie acro got knocked over and I didn’t notice until it lost most of its color. It’s awesome how quickly they can get their color back.

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Went on a 9 day trip to Europe and broke the cardinal rule about not making changes to your tank before leaving. I somehow managed to add 30 acro frags two days before I left to the IM75 after they went through a short QT. There were just a couple great deals I couldn’t pass up on.

Definitely don’t do this if you’re afraid of managing it remotely and/or you have zero faith in Trident. I was able to manage a big increase in my alk uptake by adjusting the amount of co2 injected in my calcium reactor. Decreasing the pH of the reactor as needed. I had an alk swing the first couple of days of my trip, but by day 4-5, I had managed to keep it pretty stable. I did lose one frag, but I’ll just chalk that up to transferring the frag to a new tank.


I also added these o-rings to all my frag plugs so the urchin and the turbo snails didn’t knock off any frags while I was gone. They worked quite well and all the plugs were still where they were supposed to be.



Got lazy so no growth pics for this post, but here’s some some eye candy.

MattV Rainbow Envy

BKChem Fruit Loop

BigR Walt Disney

Candy Corals Blazing Rainbow

TSA Bill Murray
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