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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by kinetic, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Vhuang168

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    Or feed lightly n have low nutrient export.

    Essentially you have to walk a fine line of having JUST enough left over nutrients for your corals to use.

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  2. kinetic

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    That's good to know. Not accepting an anemone stories seem to be about pairing something like Ocellaris with Quadicolors, which aren't natural anyway. So getting a nem that's a natural host does seem like a no brainer. I really like H. magnifica. I'm pretty sure at full size it could basically blanket the entire tank! I think I'd be OK with that as long as I have enough total water volume to maintain the bioload. I've been reading about how these and other anemones get pretty messed up through shipping. I'll have to be ready with a hospital tank to dose antibiotics probably. I wonder if I found one at a LFS that already had one healthy and the transport from there to my tank would be mild enough to just skip the TT altogether. I guess I'll have it ready just in case.

    15 days? That's crazy. I remember back in the day it took me about 2 - 3 months for dead rock cycle. I was only dosing some ammonia I found, and didn't really have any options of adding bacteria. Anyway, I ordered ammonia and dr tim's one/only last week so I guess it'll be good.

    I love going down to Union City to eat at King of Dumplings or Vung Tau III. Maybe next time (probably soon) I'll swing by and say hi with a plastic bag for some chaeto =) Thanks so much for the offer (though I secretly think you're just overrun with the stuff and hope to offload it to someone and get some karma points on the side).
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  3. Definitely. The truth is I'm just starting out and the only thing I've got to share is Chaeto at the moment. Once I start growing out my corals, I will definitely share frags with fellow members! :)
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    Not to put the cart before the horse, but I'm bored waiting for my stuff to come so:
    1. Any local ocellaris breeders I can purchase a clutch of from that you guys know of? I remember Robin was breeding a lot back in the day. I'm also looking for possibly a clutch of some designery ones (misbars, teardrops, or something).
    2. Any LFS that you would recommend ordering me a H. Magnifica? Maybe it's a tall order, but would the LFS do cipro treatment on it on arrival if needed?
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    Welcome back Art. Clown fish would be cool man
  6. I just checked out your website. You are so talented. Amazing work.
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    Aquatic Collection gets mags once a while. As does Neptune.

    You will have to do the video treatment yourself though I think both places sell it.

    Only local breeder I know is dnak but he is currently switching tanks so no clutches right now.

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  8. Coral reefer

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  9. kinetic

    kinetic Webmaster

    Thanks! Good to be back!

    Totally going to do it. I was thinking just full on Acro/Monti tank, but this seems a lot more fun and cute.

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!

    OK great, I wasn't sure where I could get antibiotics, but if Neptune or AC has it, that'll be great. I'll need to pickup a little pump and light at some point for the hospital tank. I do have a small ~10 gallon tank, but I last used it to treat ich on some fish (like 7 years ago), I wonder if that treatment had copper or something else that might be bad for the anemone? Maybe I'll just bother one of you guys for spare stuff to use temporarily =)

    I was talking to DNak on ReefCentral about his tank and clowns! I might just stop by his place to check out his system at some point.

    Oh thanks, I'll reach out!

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