MRK 100g Display (Born 9-1-09)

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  1. Ok tanks here! and i have a baffeled 20 gal sump to boot!
    plus the dam thing already pre drilled for a drain!

    I wanted to try something a little different with this one.
    Ive had my personal tank for a while, over 15 years in the same exact 55 gal tank, all my Fiji rock shoe horned in to the tank, not allot of open space at all.

    I wanted to try a "tri level" setup. I had done a 2 level setup on the sandy front left of the 210 at LGF before.
    This 2 level sand was formed by a Live rock ridge, with high to top sand on one side, and low sand on the other, kinda like a dam... in a arc.
    It was decorated with zoas, and such, and looks really colorful.
    It was prime realistate for gobies, blennies, and other animals to make their home, in fact they often fought over this area. I believe it was because it was easy to dig in and make a nice protected home.
    It also put the fish that are small right out in plain sight for perfect viewing.

    So the idea was to build a "stepped" type sand /rock structure.
    im going to have a "tray" to hold sand supported somehow, with a wide open cave below the tray.
    theres an opening on the front right, and back left of the "tray" area (cave is shown in light grey)
    sand is pending "black" sand, but that may change.

    I also figured id look at some reef pictures, and some fresh planted tanks for ideas.

    I was able to mock up the rockwork in a 3D model.
    now remember,,, this is a mockup, the purple stones, are suppose to represent live rock, but there shaped lke round pond style rocks for the mockup.
    this is a first idea version, so it will look different due to rock shapes and such, and the volume of rock i actually have too.
    It will also have allot of plants, and be completely devoid of "tangs"

    This system will also not have any sand deeper than 3.5 inches max anywhere
    but will be slightly built up on the back sides of the left side "high side" ledge.

    ok here it is:

    slightly diff angle, showing the 3 possible "chill spots" for the inhabitants, highlighted by yellow light

    ill try to splanit a lil better as the idea develops.

    any comments are GREATLY appreciated
  2. Current Stocklist:
    Nada, tanks still drydock :p

    Planned stocklist:
    Several types of fairy wrasses, (YES ill have a lid)
    Bar gobies like in the surge tank, starting with tiny ones (group 5+)
    Apigon or cardinals of some sort, because of the cave area (group 5+)
    Yashia goby/ Candy pistol pair
    High fin goby / pistol pair
    (Several goby shrimp pairs are planned, as many will fit in the sections there intended to stay in.)

    Possible stocklist:
    Yellow ribbon eel (female)
    Blue ribbon eel (male)

    My standard favs:
    Tiny flame angel
    Tiny Atlantic pigmy angel
    Golden Pigmy (deepwater, will love the cave too)

    Tank will NOT contain these:
    ANY TANG -
    ANY Rabbit
    (Well at least until my plants are well established, and im too lazy to cull them
  3. Sat May 30, 2009 12:16 am : and so it Begins,

    ....Slowly, but its moving forward!!
    can is for scale, as when i snapped pic u couldent tell if it was a 100gal or a 10gal lol
  4. Mon Jun 01, 2009 11:26 pm

    Stand "framing" is done, its gonna get a "Skin"
    havent decided on which yet, but it will prolly have water in it before thats finalized anyway.

    Stand dimensions 32" high, 22" deep 49.75" wide
    MAX SUMP SPACE 30" high, 16" deep 49" wide (I think a 50gal will fit, gonna try soon as I have access to one)

    theres one piece of 2X4 missing at the top in the front (ran out, and i bought freaking 10 of em!!!

    front middle leg was made to slide out, when waters not in there to get in to the sump or remove it. It will have to be knocked in and out, its will be a snug fit

    pics without flash

    actually the sump will slide right in the side, so maby the removable leg was a tad overkill

    level thanks to adolfo's level :bowdown
  5. Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:02 am

    Ok so ive gotten a more phisical mock up done , as I wanted to see it more visually IN the tank.

    So i set out to build the sand holding shelf today, and came up with this "work in progress" version.
    Complete with Eel tube tri exit subway system. also note each "foot" is a possible jawfish house, as they are hollow.
    each hollow/exit area will have a rock above it which will be hollowed out to cover the hole, and give it a natural look.
    I would have done these rock hollowed out hole covers, but i want to use my existing coralline covered rock, and my tanks still drydock this week.

    I am also going to "mount" rock or "hang" rock over the edge so it looks like the sand shelf is actually part of a tiered reef face.
    im also going to try to use mostly purple rock for this so it is also "not finished" yet.

    here it is in its planned position, looking in from the front:

    these next 2 pics show the "planned" rock work along the shelf face edge, which will slope down and away (represented with white paper).
    All "support posts" will be hidden. The far left bottom of pic piece of white paper is the lowest sand footprint, which will have a dam of rock around it like the "3d" rendered pics.
    the "planned" eel tube will reach to this far crest of rocks also. (its not long enough in the pic)
  6. Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:36 pm

    Ok i managed to get the tank on to the stand, all by my lonesome.
    and cut the whole for the overflow, installed bulkhead. theres also a support beam missing in this photo.
    it goes along the outside wall on the inside, and goes up to the line u see here.

    and cleared the spot for the power. (yes its dead on, but the angle of the photo looks like holes too low :mrgreen:

    but before I can add water i need to build the overflow.
    I went down to HDepot to get the nessary fittings to "reverse" reduce from 1.25" (my pre drilled bulkhead) to 4" (my toothed overflow)

    Pre assembled for fitment, pre cutting teeth. this is where its planned on going.
    the glass u see that its resting against is the eurobracing, and is the lowest point water level desired.

    the teeth will be tall on this for a reason (not yet disclosed)

    ok got the pipe all built and go to install it....Awe crap, the pre drilled hole is really too close for my 4" overflow !!!

    a couple of pics showing the actual placement, and the offset that is needed... :(
  7. CookieJar

    CookieJar Guest

    Wow! I'm gonna like following this thread. I like the out of the box thinking with the multi levels and zones. planning to use an external overflow and will this be a med/low flow tank to keep the sand in the tray?
  8. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Even though I'm not a fan of sand, I love that elevated sand bit, seems like you'll have a 3-d sandscape, yet have a "cave" of sand on one side, as opposed to one huge ass pile 10" tall of sand held back by rocks.

    Query on your stocking list, a 100g tank might be a bit small for "many fairy wrasses", I wouldn't count on your goby's staying where you put them either (since you mentioned as many as you could fit in), one thing I do miss about sand is keeping gobies :(. Also your possible stocking list involves ribbon eels? Wouldn't that make most fish in your tank (since they're small) potential food sources? If you want to keep those algaes in there, don't even consider putting a rabbitfish in even if it is established algae, they will mow it down to the ground.

    Speaking of which what type of algae do you intend? Sea grasses? Caulerpa?
  9. badbread

    badbread Guest

    Wow Wil, very cool! Absolutely wild! Can't wait to see it in action!
  10. Yeah im calling it a "Sand Shelf" at this point. It was the best idea i could come up with to get a "lofted area"
    I was going to do it in glass and silicone it to the tank, but it would be so permanent then, and unmodifiable if I had water in the tank, if i needed adjustments.

    yeah, not too many, maybe 2 or 3? small ones though not like a ausi scotts lol
    and the gobies, well sometimes if u make a spot for them, and insert the shrimp in first, they tend to go where the shrimp has built a house.
    Ive kept goby and shrimp pairs for years, and i feel i can get them to stay put. We will see though, it is really a 50 50 chance.
    Ill be doing some youtube videos on getting them to stay where u want "my way".

    In my personal experience with Ribbons, if u feed them "something the like" (I usually use the frozen shrimp we buy at the grocery store) they get picky with there food source, and will wait for "THER specific food". They are fairly picky eaters, this is why there sometimes hard to get to eat in a tank environment when they first come in.

    turtle grass
    manatee grass
    paddle grass
    and some caulerpa prolifera (prolly the only intended caulerpa)
  11. TY for all of the kind comments, im as excited as all of you to see it with water in it.
  12. Elite

    Elite Guest

    That tank is nice. Where did you get that from? Do you know who made it? is it 48x20x24??
  13. I got it from LGF SJ, and theres more there to see in person if want. mines the 100gal
    theres also a 60 and a 160 version same proportions

    By someone in China, but the construction and materials is very nice.
    black silicone, eurobracing, nice thick glass, interesting dimensions

    49.5" wide,
    22.25" front to back
    24" tall
    im not sure why the funky dimensions, metric maby?

    Yeah im VERY HAPPY with it so far..
  14. Elite

    Elite Guest

    That is bigger than 100G then.. 100G is 48x24x20.. What is the regular retail price for that tank if you don't mind? I'm sure you get a special price :D ..
  15. only because it was requested.

    * 160 Glass tank/and top + stand $650.00
    * 100 gal tank(pre drilled)/and top + Stand $450.00
    * 60 gal tank/and top + stand $250.00

    You would get a special price too 10% for clubs.
  16. Elite

    Elite Guest

    cool.. thanks!
  17. Roc

    Roc Guest

    RE: getting goby/shimp pairs to go where YOU want them.

    My son bought a Watchman/pistol pair this weekend. Will tried to tell me up front to place them where I wanted and I didn't listen, only to have them take up under a rock facing the back wall ( read BORING spot for viewing). I called will and asked him what I could do to get them to go where I wanted. His advice made a lot of sense, make them a home as with all animals the path of least restince is usualy followed.

    I made a new home and unearthed them from their lame hideout, however I scard them both and the shimp went underground and the goby fleed into the rock work, however not even 24 hours later the goby had found and was hanging out in the hole I dug, not 24 hours after that I heard my son yelling to me the shrimp was in there as well. Now they have reconstucted the home quite a bit, but they are exactly where I wanted them to be.
  18. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Good Job Will.

    Glad your pistol and goby were able to find a home that worked out well for them.
  19. Awesome,
    glad to hear it worked for ya.
    some times you have to call the "This Lil piggy movers" more than once lol
  20. skorpinok

    skorpinok Guest

    Very interesting concept / design of landscaping. I don't think I've seen anyone here or in RC with your idea. Keep us up to date w/pics.

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