MRK 100g Display (Born 9-1-09)

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by ModernReefKeeper, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. kvosstra

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    Already used in public - (edit - if the idea has been in a publication for more than a year prior, then you cant get a patent on it...however, if no prior publication, after the public use, you have 1 year to file an application, if you are the first inventor.) Plus, it would most likely be "obvious." However, the tank does look amazing! You all should head to SJ and see it your selves!
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    Just finished reading thread; love it!!

    My big(ger) tank is still several months away from going in, but I'd be very interested in doing something like this. Maybe even a third tier? Let's go nuts! LOL!
    Hopefully you're still up for making these for others around then.

    In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to seeing this develop. Good luck! Keep the pics coming.
  3. earthboy17

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    Any news? I love the idea of this tank.
  4. yeah ill get a pic and update, I been soo busy recently, sorry...
  5. melly mel

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    Any updates Will? Such a coincidence as I also planned on doing a sand shelf!
  6. Roc

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    Damn man how busy are you, it's been almost 2 months since you posted this?
  7. SoulFish

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    awesome tank journal
  8. HAHA Roc, u know its funny, I finally am working again Full time....... but there's a catch
    New full time Job is a start up (currently in negotiations for funding....) 99% probability funding, (keeping my fingers crossed though )

    So im having to do work by contract to pay my bills, so im working tons of hours now, Investment in the start up, contract work, and SR too.
    Now the BAYMAC 2010 website, and 3 or 4 more websites all at the same time.... its insane.

    u know what they say though, its either a drought or
  9. GreshamH

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    He's busting his butt on the BAYMAC site, that is for sure :)
  10. wow, its been a bit, but here are two pics, more really soon..
    [img width=626][/img]
    [img width=626][/img]

    My new collection of Ultra Nems
    [img width=626][/img]
  11. xcaret

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    Long time indeed; beautiful tank !!
    How you like the flame angel?
  12. I've always liked pigmies sp?
    He's a. Perfect citizen so far. I got him from another tank, where he was well mannered and pellet loving for 3 years
  13. iphone fts 12-23-2010

  14. mavjoy

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    Tank looks great Will!
  15. ryanjiang

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    Nice tank!
  16. Moar Pics... better camera, same crappy photo






  17. kvosstra

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    Wil, tank is looking great! Hope all is well
  18. sfboarders

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    Your tank is AWESOME! Looks great!
  19. Thanks for the kind comments,

    .....Its a work in progress, as is any tank thought right? lol
  20. GreshamH

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    Of course :)

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