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    Coral back from the grave

    Agreed. Always nice when something like that happens.
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    What's worse than almost crashing your tank...?

    Wow...really sucks man. That is always my biggest fear when I leave the tank.
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    Photo Contest!

    Not sure this is really the appropriate place for IDing, but here is a relatively old pic looking down at an angle around 45 deg:
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    Photo Contest!

    I believe it is actually a Pachyseris. The brittle star was a hitchhiker and has stayed there for the last 3 months (since I got the coral). With a bit of retouching out the sand specs it could be a really nice picture. Would I would really like is to get a better shot of more of the star.
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    Photo Contest!

    I got a new macro lens for my birthday from the wife, so I will contribute a couple of pictures from my first tests:
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    Bypassing the Grape Vine?

    I've gone out the other way through Tehachipi when the grapevine was closed. It added about 1.5 hours to my trip...but it could get snowed in too so you would want to keep an eye on it.
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    Let the battle for dominance begin! Coral Wars (SPS Version)

    You have some great stuff, and I look forward to seeing the outcome of each of these.
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    Current USA

    I have the 500w 48" Sunpod and the legs seem good to me as well. I've had it for about 5 months without incident. Like A.Lee, I slide it back and forth and I don't really touch it much as my hands aren't really in the tank all that often.
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    which Koralia??

    They have begun to include a flow directing nozzle thing which I believe is designed to narrow the pattern a bit...I took it off of mine because I wanted the broader area of coverage.
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    which Koralia??

    I am running two K4s in my standard 90 and wouldn't mind having a bit more flow, but I am moving into SPS. The two K4s have been good for my softies.
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    Rich's Whole Tank Shot

    Your tank is outstanding! Hopefully mine looks that great in only six years...
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    Just A New Member Saying Hi

    I can dig the moving thing. This is my 4th place in 5 years and it is a nightmare to move a ton of tanks. I had a planted up for the last year, but took it down in August for the move/wedding. Like you say, the bug is still there, but the energy/time/whatever just isn't happening at the moment.
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    Just A New Member Saying Hi

    Gomer: as I was perusing the boards last night I was wondering if that was you...odd that we both ended up in the Bay Area after all these years. Are you still doing planted tanks, or are you all salt now like me? PhishPhood: Unfortunately I don't get paid to be a moderator at mft, but its...
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    Just A New Member Saying Hi

    Hi guys, I just joined up and am excited to get to know the community, so I wanted to say hello. I have been keeping reef tanks in one form or another for the last 5 years and am currently beginning my expedition into the wonderful world of SPS (after years of window shopping). I currently am...