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    Sat, Nov 2 - Bob Fenner Presentation (and more) in Sacramento

    I might. Where is this posted? I didn't see anything on MARS reefcentral site?
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    Featured Kessil Tour- Nov 9

    Ok John, sign me up. Maybe I can carpool with Mike or something. TY
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    My Jellyfish Journey

    did you add any existing water from your tank? that will have some bacteria in it to help cycle.
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    swap meet coral haul

    Hi Chris, I got your Rock Anemones (was like 5 small ones there, I gave one to Tim the owner of 7 stills), 2 frags of clove polyps, a Purple Stylo, and Unknown Stlyo. I think I missed a round since I couldn't hear anything where I was, but that was fun event.
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    Coworker starting a reef, looking for frag pack.

    Gus, You want rock with those brown mushrooms : ) lmk or anything else you gave me, like some frog spawn.
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    My Jellyfish Journey

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    Name this sps

    could be a valida sps.
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    [Oct 19, 2019] Regional Frag Swap (San Francisco)

    TY all who helped out. Smaller swap but got alot of picks which is always fun!
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    Help moving tank

    Is this Brian's old tank Mario had?
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    Help moving tank

    Depends on the time, I might be able to help as well. Is it a Glass tank?
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    Volunteers Needed for the 2019 Regional Frag Swap

    You are not making the swap? Who do I give the stuff to, I can't keep the Black Bin any longer its big for my little condo
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    Minutes BOD Meeting 9/7/19

    TY for the notes.
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    bondolo's combined tanks

    maybe add some phosban? That helps me with algae breakouts.
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    2019 Sept CFM results - raffles and club proceeds

    I do not, but we were not pushing hard for members this time around.