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    Bazooka joe chalice

    well I can always just drop by but no hurry since I am in line. just lmk when is good. been working from home.
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    Bazooka joe chalice

    Let me put myself in line for this one. :D
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    Suggested Return Pump for 29 Gallon?

    She is Alive? Hope you are doing well.
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    Ultimate aquarium is selling their giant clam for cheap !!!

    Not 17 clams...never had that many in 1 tank......I think it was 13. Nice clam.
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    Mario’s 150 rebuild

    I hope those wheels lock, hope the tank doesn't roll around if we get a earthquake.
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    Featured March Tank Spotlight is Corallus

    Where is the write up?
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    Bob's 180 LPS

    you edit on your first post
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    Bob's 180 LPS

    you should rename this thread - not much on Fish only tank? Maybe coral only tank?
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    Clownfish eggs

    There have been a few folks in BAR that have raised them before
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    Clownfish eggs

    Alan put a ceramic tile/pot after these eggs have hatch in the same spot. Then the next time they will lay it on that and it will be easy to remove.
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    ID of Egglike Bits

    Maybe send Richard Ross a note on this?
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    2020 BAR Events

    some pics of the last tour I did. rules might be different for this as John and club are organizing this one.
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    2020 BAR Events

    Yes - you need your own tickets, but the tour is free.
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    What did you get at the CFM?

    We are not a vendor and are not allowed to sell Corals/Frags at the event. We get our booth for free or more like our volunteer work for setup and clean up. We could sell if the club wanted to buy a Vendor booth.