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    Berghia group buy

    I have a large, 5-6 inch, Melanurus, and the berghia not only survived but multiplied. I think it helps that Berghia are nocturnal and the wrasse sleeps in the sand at night. I started with about 8 from @JVU in a 105. My tank appears to be spotless from aptasia now. It took awhile, but they are...
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    Light hanging, need an assist.

    That was my strategy as well
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    what kind of snail is this?

    Looks like a baby trochus to me
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    Growout Contest - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice - Now Tracking Growth

    Disc/tile please. Thanks for all the work involved with this
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    Josh and Tiffany's RSR 250

    Really nice scape, excellent job!
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    DBTC: Gonzos golden dragon

    What’s that chalice to the right? I love the rim on that guy
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    Free isopods

    I’m interested, I got a vivarium I would like to add some to. I’ll send a pm
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    ich or velvet?

    I have also given in to the management strategy. After strictly ttming all new fish additions, some began to show signs of ich. My best guess is it came in through corals or other wet things like macroalgae or other inverts. Personally, I would only go through the fallow period if you plan to 76...
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    Oliver’s red sea reefer 425xl

    Wow that sucks! On the bright side, at least it seems the casualties are fairly low. ive had two heaters fail, one time 90% died since it happened while I was at work. Do you have any kind of redundancy/controller? May be worth getting at least an ink bird. I decided to go with an apex for more...
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    DBTC: Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Great job Oliver, it’s bubbling nicely Thanks for the update
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    DBTC - Sunkist Bounce

    @ryanraff @markovkaa @Mason @reef89 You all are in queue for my chain but I’m not sure when a frag will be available in there. This might be a good chance for y’all to try this piece if you still want to
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    DBTC: Pink, branching cyphastrea

    Nope I got the anacropora and cloves from you
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    Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650

    Yeah those first acans are super nice! Also like that fungia, nice pics!