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    Eric's dream... 100g (To be continued)

    Black Friday is coming up soon.
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    Eric's dream... 100g (To be continued)

    So where do you plan on putting it? I’m sure you’ve got a couple places you’ve been thinking about.
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    Had to share this from Reddit

    It’s cool but not very functional for normal viewing.
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    Free pocillopora colony

    People say that these become a bit invasive but I never had that problem. I like them.
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    AC and Neptune usually stock a bunch of plumbing but take your calipers to check the size.
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    I just became a supporting member... WooHoo!
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    Co2 scrubber folks

    You just need to put a hole in your wall. Your wife is ok with that, right? Edit: looks like @Meshmez beat me to it.
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    DIY fail...

    I’d vote for an extra layer of redundancy too. You have a string attached to a couple dollar wall anchor and that’s all the stands between your several hundred dollar light and water.
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    Adit's 750 xxl

    Nice idol. How long have you had him?
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    Trident reagent 6 month supply?

    That stinks. You should be able to submit 3 receipts with the two month supply on each and get a rebate or something that equals the difference in the costs.
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    QOTD: Clean up crews

    Agreed. I don’t know if I’ll ever do another one. The risk doesn’t outweigh the benefits.
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    Good filters for tank photography

    They make a bunch of orange and yellow filters but you may have to buy several to test out which works best with your lights. The bayonet style works well for your dslr. They screw onto the end of your lens but you have to make sure that you get the right size for the lens you want to use. To...
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    DIY Temperature controller + more features to come?

    Have you checked out the open source raspberry pi stuff? Seems like it would be something you’d be interested in.
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    Farewell BAR!

    Just because you move for doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the forum.
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    Shit - tank crashing

    Yeah, randomly test your dt but randomly test your new saltwater? I may have tested alk on new saltwater maybe once. Let’s be honest here, I barely have motivation to test my dt so when it comes to testing my new saltwater (other than salinity) it’s just not going to happen. I’m sure I’m not the...