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    Green BTA

    I run carbon all the time. Probably need a refresh and increase the amount. I’ll give that a try. Funny thing is now that there is a physical barrier between the RBTA and GBTA, the RBTA are trying to move towards the GBTA. @wazzupmac PM’d you
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    Green BTA

    @wazzupmac do you have a backup plan in the case that the GBTA and RBTA cannot be house together? I only ask so that you won’t be in the same position I am. I’m currently keeping the GBTA inside a separate container inside the nem box so the RBTA and GBTA don’t touch. I also have a 29g...
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    Green BTA

    I’m not sure either. I tried separating the GBTA in its own cup inside the nem box but it insisted on crawling out and mingling with the others. Have been reading conflicting information all over. Guess it’s hit or miss
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    Green BTA

    Hello BAR, Got this green BTA from the most recent BAR swap from @Vincerama2 . It looks like it may be interfering with my RBTAs as they are in the same nem box and they have shrunk a bit. Supporting members only. Free or trade for zoas or chalice.
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    Megathread - Frags for Frag Swap

    I have some repeat yumas that I plan on bringing. Can share with anyone that may need a coral to meet the three corals requirement.
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    Free Ocellaris Clowns and purple shrooms

    Clowns and possibly anemone are pending pickup. @Wild Bob , i didn't get your pm, the shrooms are yours. I'll pm you
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    Free Ocellaris Clowns and purple shrooms

    Also got a colony of these purple shrooms with blue spots and red skirts. Super fast growers. Also free to supporting members
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    Free Ocellaris Clowns and purple shrooms

    Bump, still available. Will include a medium sized RBTA. Free or trade for zoas. Same rules applies. Supporting members only with a brief description of tank (size, age, etc.)
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    Growout Contest - Bubble Gum Monster Chalice - Now Tracking Growth

    Beware of the sweepers! They can get extremely long
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    Free Ocellaris Clowns and purple shrooms

    Paying it forward as that’s how I got this pair also. Originally from @Mr2KiEu. Supporting members only. Please post a photo and give a bit of background of your tank. Female is about 2-2.25”, male is about 1.75-2”. Healthy and aggressive eaters. Have had them in my tank for about 2-3 months...
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    Easy way of breaking small rock full of mushroom without bandsaw.

    I used a big flathead and hammer to chisel at the rock near the base of the shroom. Make sure to wear safety goggles!
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    Melted AI prime

    I'm on the AI Prime/Hydra facebook group and this is common when the UVs are set past 100%. There's a person that has been building and beta testing replacement LED pucks with similar spectrums as ATI Blue T5HO. Not sure if those have burned through the lens as well. Is AI wiling to replace...
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    Day Job?

    I’m a health inspector, but temporarily helping out the mass vaccination efforts doing vaccine inventory, coordination/distribution and cold chain.
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    PIF: FREE Bonded clownfish pair

    I’m also interested if any previous parties fall through. My 29g has been fallow for almost 4-5 months after my last clown jumped ship. Here’s a photo of my tank:
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    Just wondering how members have been vaccinated?

    Finished my round end of February