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  • Hello Pres, huge question! Why has BAR again decided to not acknowledge RARE as a reef club? They have shown more then enough support to BAR yet they can't even get the recognition they deserve. They have donated, purchased thousands in raffle tickets and support your LFS. This is the second yr in a row where you guys decided this.
    But yet BAR continues to look down and not even acknowledge their club. Can you please explain the reason for this. Every other club in NorCal acknowledges them. I'm not a RARE member. Just a concerned reefer. Borche
    Hello, I have a low corner tank to donate at the next raffle or appropriate event. Whom shall I contact? Thanks
    Hey, i saw that you're selling a mr aqua tank. I wont be able to make it to bap, but im very interested in buying the tank. Let me know if itll be possible. Thanks
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