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Alex’s 3G Pico Tank (retired)


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This has become a fun project and was only set up because we got two UN tanks for free at this year's Reef A Palooza in LA.

Tank: UN 3.8 gallon

Powerhead: Hydor Koralia Nano

HOB Filter: EA Performance Hang-On The Back Power Filter

Heater + Controller: AquaMiracle Upgraded 50W Small Aquarium Heater, Inkbird

Rock: Two pieces of saltybottomunderground

Light: Red Sea LED 50

This tank was taken down a few days ago. Main reason was that I that I decided to keep the nano tank for quarantining corals and inverts and not the pico tank as initially planned.

As many said before, managing stability in a pico tank is not easy. Salinity was relatively stable if closely watched and with a simple upside down bottle solution from Amazon for 10 USD. Other parameters fluctuated more unless I paid very close attention to them.

My reflection overall of this short term project is, that the return for the effort for maintaining a pico tank is not convincing to me. Cost wise it is appealing, and it can look nice in a living room, but I needed to see more benefits to maintain this long term.