Arvin's first reef tank (part 2)

Arvin R

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New hammers are doing great! I removed a frag rack and moved the frags to my frag tank and removed our eshopps feeding thingy.

What a difference it makes clearing out some equipment from the display tank and keeping it clean for viewing.

Tank will be coming up to it's 1 year mark in Aug.

Arvin R

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Saw some aptasia in the tank this morning and it was water change day. Ended up turning into an all day reshaping. I decided to pull out the arches I got that were over run with GHA. In the middle of removing these I saw a few HUGE aptasia underneath those rocks. I hit them with aptasia X.

Here's a shot after the rocks were removed.

I pulled all my cooked rocks from the sump of my frag tank and went to work. Below is the outcome.

Left third of the tank

Middle third

Right third

More room for sps!

Arvin R

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So I decided I needed more light in the middle of the tank and did a ghetto DIY for mounting my XR15 pro gen 3 into my aquatic life t5 fixture.

I'll see if my wife can snap a picture while it's on tomorrow. If not that will have to wait until the weekend as I'm at work when this is programmed to be on.



The bbq skewers are tied into each other (side to side) so they can't slip out and drop the light.

Arvin R

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So my XR15 has no clock power. Tried to search online but not much comes up. I've reverted to factory reset and using it in basic mode with just an on/off timer. I still need to replace the fan as it's unbalanced and very loud due to a few broken fins.