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Ashburn’s 50g frag tank


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Since I'm hooked to collecting different nems and looking down is PITA on the RSR170 so I decided to shut it down and search for a lowboy style frag tank.
Only this time I don't want a lowboy due to it's low quality and bad silicon joint at the corner, thin glass ( easy to crack if you put pressure on the pvc pipe at the drain/return holes.

I did thought about getting or DIY a arcylic frag tank but I kept my hope high to find a proper tank.

and lo behold @Arvin R showed me his hidden gem that he almost forgot.


The tank was the perfect size and thick 3/4 glass. but upon getting it, the silicon job on the tank was done poorly and rough.


So I had to clean them up and redo the silicon with black one


getting ready for the new silicon, and I had to build a new stand for the tank.

and it wasn't pretty, the tape didn't work, it came right off when I was applying the silicon, so i had to take them all off and eye balling the job on the fly and clean them up with blade later.


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silicon jobs all cleaned up

So next come my 3d printed complements

first i made a simple overflow that doesn't take a lot of space by designing a slope at bottom but without a proper holes to test with it was hard. so I went ahead drill the main 2" drain hole so i can see the placement better with buldhead in place and found out the slope was rather hard for me to screw in the thread.

first sample

which i found out that without top brace, those teeth is going to fail.

here comes to version 2

it's improvement from last design, also deeper so i can fit in the bulkhead without being stuck.


2 1 1/2 drain holes, external box is 3d printed as well.

after painting the stand and i went ahead finish drill out remaining return holes and early plumbing fitment test.

oh yeah, the sump is in place, i went with a custom made one without baffles, which i'm going to add them myself with silicon. the though behind this is, if I take this tank down, I can still reuse the sump as another frag tank by taking out the baffles.

batch printing some frag racks while I get busy with the plumbing. this design allows me place my frags freely and I can mix small and larger frag plugs


during the process, @SupraSaltyReefer suggested coast to coast overflow and it turned out to be a great idea! I was planing on using two return pumps for maximum flow.

with full set of frag racks in place.

return nozzle and 3d printed adapter for the locs to pvc

external plumbing almost done.

now onto internal plumbing ( i kinda messed up the return by positing them tooo damn close to the edge.
the first water leak test was a disaster, external overflow box was leaking everywhere where the bulkhead is. and one of the coupling was leaking as well ( the o ring inside was missing ), so some silicon glue later, it was all good and running without any leaks. this photo was a little extreme, I was testing to see if my coast to coast overflow can take on 2 pumps pushing water 100%. this was done while tank was unleveled, the other side had more than 1.5 inches to spare.

as you can see, ( maybe not ) i've place a gyre pump under the frag rack so nothing will settle at the bottom and gets pushed to the other end onto overflow.

boom! tank is in place and i mounted my lights too. right now it's little bare and def need to add more corals.

I've made a chaeto box to be placed in return chamber.

made a bigger sectional nem basket so I can house more down the road, 2 more baskets coming.

they are shallow, also lets lights in, so i can still place corals under the baskets.
this is how the basket is hanging onto the tank

and the final result.

i added a few shelfs on the wall to put stuff, also a drain pipe to outside. I kinda wish i actually drilled the tank at the bottom so I can add a drain hole to outside instead of current situation.

now onto sump tank, more frags can be placed here, and ap700 used for the sump grow out when needed.

look down shot.
How are you going to supply nutrients? Gonna have any fish anywhere?
Also, how do you keep many different nems? Seems like a point of problems for many people
How are you going to supply nutrients? Gonna have any fish anywhere?
Also, how do you keep many different nems? Seems like a point of problems for many people
I have several fishes and updated livestock list. As for the nems I’ve made cages for them that prevents them touching each other, a lot of carbon bags gets replaced weekly.
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Current fish list

4x cardinals
Copper band butterfly
Dotted fox face
4 fire shrimp
Cleaner shrimp
Coral band shrimp
Possum wrasse
6 line wrasse
Tomato clown
Storm clown
Scopas tang
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