High Tide Aquatics

Ashburn's 187g endgame II

That’s next !
its proven yet agaiin when backup comes in handy, My display light got sold way too fast and i had to find a replacement light for my tank before the new lights arrive. and thank god no one bought my broken ap700 that has non-functional buttons but LED works 100%. always have a backup game plan.
Holy cow @ashburn2k you have been busy! Looking good!!
That tilted frag rack is interesting and I am eager to see how the different frags grow out from it. Have you placed a frag on that black pole holder you showed a few pages back - you said it could go in a space between rocks? Curious to see that.
i know too early to tell, but how is it so far?
so far what i like about the light:
*the full blue is very pleasant on the eye unlike orpek blue bars.
*ease of control when i have no phone with me ( manual dial control )
*powerful spread, that photo i took with only 2 a500x without any supplement blue bars on the side, the bottom of my tank can finally get some decent light without need to add any more lights.

*focus lens adapter totally cuts off light spread on the side
*light output is so hot that it can burn your skin if you accidentally went under it
*still need a wifi dongle to control them via app
What is the default blue/what? (50/50?)
And what does that look like.

I must say that the reds/yellows look a lot better than before. They really seem to have filled in the spectrum.