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Aussie Duncan

Was given this by @jhuynh a few months go and it has done great in my tank. I have been keeping it in pretty low flow and it gets fed mysis regularly, eats like a champ. I made three frags each with at least a couple heads so should be frag-able again soon.
Standard DBTC rules, please pass along two more equal or bigger sized frags of this before doing anything else, always cool to see updates of the coral whether good or bad.

Pickup in San Leandro

Also pictures taken under all white since I don't have an orange filter, but it looks much more green/blue under more blue lights


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Aren't these supposed to be more green or is it a different duncan family? Looks yellowish...maybe just the cam.
looks good. thanks for keeping it in the dtbc for me. I've had this ducan since 2018. it went from 4 heads to over 20 heads before passing it to @BleepBloopMunchMunch. I woulda kept it but I went sps dominate and it didnt like my cleaner water parameters.

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