Back from the dead...

I like their led strips, but the power supplies are definitely cheap (and overpriced from them), the lights themselves are a bit overpriced (imo), and I've had issues with the customer service as well. Bummer.
Thanks Art. I have a bit more time these days, so have been able to restart with a low maintenance setup.

No biggie on frags. Here’s a pic of the candycane.

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Got it from Darcy who got it from someone in the BAR/BARE days. Was hoping it was still around somewhere in the club.

Also looking for “Calfo” pulsing sinularia. I got it from Jim/Bookfish who got it from Anthony Calfo - by way of styrofoam coffee cup when Anthony flew in to the Bay Area once upon a time pre-TSA.
@fishdoctor mike had some in Pacifica a few weeks back ag the event he hosted.


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I have the Calfo sinularia.. looks like the frags I cut at the workshop we're taken home by other members but I can cut some more for you if you're interested get in touch with me.

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Thanks Fishdoc. Much appreciated. I don’t make it out your way, but will keep an eye out for any that shows up in the East Bay.