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Berghia Nudis

I don’t think there are any more available on this DBTC at this time. So far only @The_Lazy_Reefer and I have given any out here. TLR has given out 4-5 sets of Berghia I think, and I’ve given out 5 sets to members as part of this DBTC, plus given back to TLR since he started the DBTC and gave me some initially. I have completed my parts of the chain here. We would need some of the others who have gotten Berghia through this DBTC to give us updates and hopefully at some point have more to pass along for this chain to stay alive.

I am breeding them separately and have been selling them at a reduced price to members to cover costs, but it is a small-scale operation, I’m not particularly in a hurry, and there’s a waiting list. I don’t want to hijack this DBTC, but people can PM me if they are interested in that.
Sadly, i had lost all of mine from the dbtc. Put them into a larger system and they all vanished... all i had in there were clowns
Yes, for this DBTC to work, we all have to be prepared to catch the little buggers once they eat all of the Aptasia in our systems. If you're lucky, you'll find them crawling around the water line after the lights go out, but it's more likely to find them in your filter socks or crawling around the seats of the filter socks in the sump. Also, I suspect more than one of us will need to intentionally propagate Aptasia and nudibranchs, which won't be DBTC but probably an outright sale of critters. Hopefully folks will also catch nudibranchs and sell them back to the propagators.
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