got ethical husbandry?

Black Hawaii Office Aquarium

Meet Riley and Reid. Ed came through at Clearwater.


Glad to hear that
I’ve seen a lot of physically deformed fish that should have been culled or used as a feeder fish for a carnivorous marine fish. (Instead of goldfish)
New fish has some white stringy poop. I do not know what this means, but he appears healthy.
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best case: just ate something white and is pooping like that. Sometimes clowns poop white, though that's a long string.

worst case: internal parasites/worms

safe option is quarantine + prazipro / metroplex, and in theory you'd need to do that to any fish in there since you'd have to assume all would have it now. However metro/prazi I believe both can be dosed in-tank with caution.

Humble Fish on internal issues
If it persists, it is internal worm or parasite. Keep watching them. It is not immediately deadly typically so should not be an immediate freak out. Could just be a one time thing too. Hopefully that is the case.

To treat, you can mix Metro into their food using Focus. It is a powder that kinda binds the medication. Dosage is a bit hard to determine as they need to eat it, but I can make you a mix I feed in QT. It is suppose to be reef safe but I have only used in a separate tank myself. I rehydrate dried mydis and calanus using medicated water and a vacuum pump so the meds get inside the food. Works the ticket to get the meds in there. My QT tank isn't in use now, and you can borrow it if you think you need to pull them for a water treatment.

Here is more thorough info:

I would use Prazi outside your tank personally. Not tried to put it in food myself either. I can make the medicated food if you decide to go that route.
Ok. Its been awhile since I updated. Looks like the partial shred of the RBTA wasn't that bad. The 50% WC cleared the water up. Fish look good although the snowflake had another white string poop. He did host this AM. Yet to see if they will both Host. Coral are happy little algae. Nitrates still running about 10.