Bonnie's (Natterjak) Tank

Yep, baked baking soda is the same as washing soda.

Baking soda = sodium bicarbonate - NaHC03
Washing soda = sodium carbonate - Na2C03

2 NaHC03 -> Na2C03 + CO2 + H2O
You guys are good. I could have used the help when I took Chemistry! ;D Can you tell me what portion of baking soda will raise the Alk by how much? Norm - Does kalkwasser do the same? Thanks.
Sorry Bonnie for the OT post

Kalk is best used to maintain alk and to some degree ca, it's not much of an alk booster but rather a maintainer.
NP at all Eileen. :)

Didn't get a chance to tidy up the fish room this weekend, so I'm gonna post about my fish instead:

Blue Tang - about 6-7", got it when it was about 2" long 3 years ago. Meanest fish ever - has tried to whack my hand with those tail spines on many occassions (has actually nailed some tongs I put in there):


Ocellaris Clownfish - also 3 years old, is about 3" now. Have tried to find it a mate with little success. First one was a black ocellaris that we had for about 8 months before the blue tang decided it no longer liked it, and the second was a regular ocellaris that we had for maybe a year before it one day just disappeared in the new tank.


Yellow Watchman Goby - 3-4", almost 3 years:


Algae Blenny - added this past year:


Blonde Naso Tang - 5", added this past year:



4 Bartlett's Anthias
2 other anthias that I bought as Bartlett's, but I think are actually Dispars
yellow coris wrasse
cleaner wrasse
labouti wrasse
Excellent photography skills. The tang and clown looks so clean and sharp in the picture. I'm envious! >:( D@MN

Doug - what even happened to BAR poker night?
I took all those with a Canon Rebel XT. Don't remember which lens(es) I used though. I think the only one that's photoshopped is the one of the naso - the cleaner wrasse got into the picture at the top, so I took it out.