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Bowl of Pho-RSR350


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Due to leak in rsr250’s bulkhead decided better to upgrade to new rsr350 white stand. Pickup at aquatic collection, during sale!!

Startup 04/04/2022.

Josh and Tiff help made stand, surprisingly A LOT of work, can not do it without. Can’t imagine without their help goin got take me til Morning!!
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Just got back from dinner, great food! My shoes may have gotten a little salty, but very nice looking tank! Keep mopping up that mess we made last night, haha
I saw ruby red dragonette this morning. I think my ruby red dragonette jumped or eaten by snowflake eel :( or crushed by rock when moved. Favorite fish. Will get another when repopulate pods
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New tank is looking great!
Couldn't help but notice the right door looks crooked, hopefully this is just a hinge adjustment, and not an uneven stand?