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Breeding clown fish (need rotifers and help)


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I have a pair of 11 year old clowns (ORA picssso perculas) who have lived in Ny, Mn and now the bay for a year. In Mn in the city they only laid eggs twice over 8 years (minneapolis air quality among other this is poor). They laid eggs on Sunday for the first time in over 4 years, I was out of town till yesterday and to my surprise when I came back they are still intact!

I’ve looked around for resources on how to grow/raise them and haven’t found anything “good”- is there a good resource ?

Now these are probably going to hatch the next few days, how does one catch them efficiently in a mixed reef full of wrasse?

I need rotifers to feed them, I don’t want to seem lazy but with my time constraints I don’t see myself being able to culture them in time (no experience) - does anyone produce them regularly and would sell some to me semi local to Fremont?

My goal is to raise these clowns give/sell them off cheap and keep a pair as my next pair for lineage.

Any help or comments pointing me to the right direction is appreciated!


This guy has tons of YouTube videos about raising clowns. Even has one on raising them with copeopods vs rotis.

good luck. There are some breeders local who might be able to help.
@JustinBolton did you ever start your rotifer culture?

Just had a hatch again from my lightnings before the female died. So looking to maybe get one going to see if I can carry the markings forward...