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Bubblegum Digitata frags


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Coral description
Bubblegum Digitata
Coral light, flow, and difficulty
Sps coral, med to high light, same with flow, but I have success with these if they are in the bottom middle or top, lol, they grow great and are great for beginners getting into sps.
I have some bubblegum Digi frags that are about 4 months old and really encrusted on the plugs. Some have had a reaction to an alk swing I had a couple weeks ago, which is weird because no other corals should any stress, but that’s how I knew I had an all swing, lol. But they are all healthy and growing fast and have good color.

Typical DBTC rules apply

I can bring to the event in alameda next month

1st pic is after I fragged them

2nd pic is what one of them looks like now, so you get the idea.

Can do 5 frags of the 4 month old encrusted ones and can cut more if needed.


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I would love one! Been trying to dial in sps and haven’t had a lot of luck, maybe an easier one like this could be a great addition


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Also I still can’t figure out how to use BAR for the DBTC‍♂️
Have you checked this out?