Burning banana styloconiella

Coral reefer

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Encrusting growth form. Yellowish/green body with reddish/orange polyps.
Bought this at macna 2018 from Brandon of zoanthids dot com.
Standard rules. 2 equal or larger back in before swapping or trading. Please don’t sell. This is for enjoying and sharing within the club.
Please have a tank journal, like my sticky post in the dbtc info and discussion forum, and update once or twice a year, ideally with an occasional pic.
Will add my pic later
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I have it in a tough spot to get a decent pic of, but the iPhone didn’t do too bad a job, including the angelfish and dottyback photobomb
Usually a fuzzy red, sometimes you can see the yellow/green skin underneath. Still pretty new in the tank, hoping to start getting some growth soon.