Can't log on to Bay Area Reefers on my Tapatalk

Zero Gravitas

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The title says it all, anyone else getting an error that says:

Server error occurred [Mysqli
statement execute error : Incorrect
datetime value: '2019-03-10 02:55:12'
for column 'updated' at row 1]

I can log on fine on my computer. Phone seems to have the right date info. Lord what am I going to do with all my free time now...


We just launched the new site, signing in to Tapatalk is a known issue, please be patient.

The website is working correctly by accessing directly at


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I can log in on my phone and in an Incognito window (Chrome, Mac) but am still getting the other error on my normal browser window (Chrome, same Mac).

Edit, I can log in on the normal window, but get the maintenance message instead of being able to see the forum content.


Tapetalk should be working. Yes, clear cache.

Note : Try it without Tapetalk. Should be much more mobile friendly now.