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standard rules, plus update every 6 months. Pictures are a plus. Please have a tank journal. Pickup in sf.

I've had this coral for 8 years now. Time flies. Grew pretty big. Had a fun battle with the rainbow monti where it would sting the crap out of the monti, but still get grown over by it. I got this from Mikey, @hooked July 2010.
2 frags available.
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This is what it looks like in my tank.
How do I get the green color to show up or grow in?

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I have it under low light, probably at around 50 par now for the past few weeks and the edges where it's supposed to be green has now turned more white. I read somewhere that it would turn more green. Apparently not so in my case.
I'll now gradually move it to higher light and see what happens.