Copps Calacali Tort


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Lol somebody has been bitten by the bug!
Yeah...I had a bunch of excuses for why I didn't want to try SPS. Didn't want to dose, difficult to keep alk/Ca in check in a nano without automatic dosing, worried about keeping phos/nitrates in check, etc.

Then I realized I was already dosing because of all the LPS, I have my alk/calcium dialed in well, phosphates have been brought down and are staying in check, my acro frag from Corallus seems to have colored up really nicely and is happy, and the bare top of that arch has been bugging me for a while.... ;)


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@IOnceWasLegend The addiction is real... I was like you and fought against SPS for a long time... all it took was a few frags and then off to the races... and broke. SO, I will give you a frag on the condition that I am not responsible for any irrational spending on SPS and tank upgrades... hah
Conditions accepted, mainly due to the fact we've only been reefkeeping for ~4.5 months now, our tank is nearly full, we're in an apartment with a hard aquarium size limit of 30 gallons, and my wife and I have already agreed on a future (larger) tank. :) Thanks again!


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@Meshmez need to apologize to you... i just found out today that what I thought was Copps Calicali is really Miyagi tort.

Haha I was kinda wondering about that. I wonder what this other coral is that I have, because it used to also kinda look like Miyagi tort..