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Coral Rescue for Dan-Sf: come get frags!


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Hi all,

There's been a lot of side DMs and posts https://www.bareefers.org/forum/thr...uff-but-you-need-to-come-frag-it-in-sf.34996/ but the story is this:

@Dan-sf is dealing with an injury and will be available noon on 1/13 to let us into his house to help rescue his corals. We'll turn the tank into a FOWLR which is much easier to maintain. He's not planning on taking the tank down immediately, and just wants to make sure these corals don't die and the fish can stay.

I'll be organizing the event with @Arvin R @under_water_ninja and @phc567

We'll take out the colonies and transport to High Tide and Arvin will house what doesn't fit. Remaining colonies will be used for a fragging workshop (TBD) prior to a frag swap in Feb.

If you are interesting in helping out and can make it at this time, reply here (please do not DM Dan), and I'll add you to the list below and DM you the address:

@Arvin R
@B the Nano Reefer

Note: we're doing this in accordance with our club ethos to ethically keep and propagate marine animals plus helping out a longtime reefer who's helped the hobby out. If you're just looking for free frags or stuff, please don't reply here. Dan isn't looking to make money here either, he just wants to make sure the corals don't melt away into bare skeletons.

Ok thanks for responding folks, we're going to keep it to the 6 listed at the top. Others can feel free to join at Kenny's but we don't know when that will be other than Saturday afternoon or evening. I'll have someone post here when we're about to leave SF.
Hi folks, we finished up here at High Tide. Thank you so much to @Dan-sf for putting up with the commotion as well as @under_water_ninja for letting us use his store and fragging supplies.

We have a handful of hammers/frogspawns for supporting members along with a bunch of loose acropora frags to grab. Just come by the store and spend some money here because Kenny is paying for electricity, water, etc. to house these.

He's keeping colonies for our fragging workshop that will be TBD as well.




Thanks everyone!
Give me like a week to figure out what’s what. I have a lot of green slimmer and coops cali cobbs. I think that’s what it’s called. I’ll post it on the dbtc or bring it to the next frag swap to share.
Thanks everyone who showed up to help out. Special thanks to Kenny for letting us use his store. It was a lot of coral.
fyi the blade on kenny graphon bandsaw tension was set to loose. It kept flexing and binding so i couldnt cut straight and made hard to cut adam bomb. I think if we had a saw with correct tension it would cut it like butter.
I got 1 photo of the day.
May I use this photo on our IG page. Anyone know what coral this is?

"As committed members of the reefing community, we cherish the legacy passed down to us. Sharing experiences and knowledge among local reefers isn't just a commitment; it's a heartfelt connection that brings us together, ensuring the survival of any livestock! Big thanks to local member Dan for sharing this with the club and to Kenny for hosting @under_water_ninja”