High Tide Aquatics

Danh’s IM25 Lagoon

Nitrite and nitrates!!! Cycling properly now. Goal is is spike ammonium more to see how fast can clear. If clear 1-2ppm in 24 hrs then water change and fish can go in
Still working on figuring placement… torches getting blasted

I think I got coralline growing already… maybe not but will know in a month or two when they spread.
what do you add as supplement and dosing schedule ? everything looks really happy in that tank
it’s new haven’t dose or anything. 2 weeks 6 days now. You wouldn’t believe it’s that new looking at the coral open up. Look established 3 months. :)
All I know is I used bunch of live rock,keep salinity on point at 1.026 and temperature 77-78. Stability is key.
Atm it looks better than some tanks. Maybe I skip ugly stage but still ways to go. Coral open more than the established tank I’ve seen. Maybe a fluke and crashing later but for now everything seem ok .
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