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Got this for bob awhile ago.
Standard rules, 2 pieces back in before swapping or anything else with it.
Prefer people not take this that want to sell it later, enjoy and share.
Priority to myself, @tankguy, and anyone else that completes a link in this chain.
Please have a tank journal, and update once or twice a year. Pics a plus!
Wow, looks nice Alex!
Yup it is supper nice. I am glad it grew so fast. I will have some frags soon to put in DBTC. I like to see the tentacles out as well. It has mini tentacles in the daytime as well, then in the nighttime they get longer. I also try to feed the reef with Pytoplanton, Gonipowder, Reef Bugs and I use some Microvert solution like every week.
I had this growing well, it encrusted the plug I put it on. But due to swings in my tank I’ve lost it, there is some remaining tissue so I will leave it just in case it can recover.