DBTC: Fruit Loops zoanthids


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Coral description
Orange rim, blue and yellow center
I believe I got this from a trade with @Cheedo a couple months ago. They have grown pretty quickly in my tank and they are certainly one of my favorite zoas I’ve gotten so far.

  1. Must have a tank journal, or you can post a couple of pictures of your tank (you should start one with those pics after getting the coral :))
  2. Give two frags of the same number of polyps or more back then feel free to let it grow out. I’d prefer that you don’t join this chain with the intention of selling later
First frag to @Meshmez



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Gonna be awhile before i get up to SF...

So gonna pass the honor to whomever you deem fit that can get to it before me... :)


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Frag to @Alexx
I have this growing at two different spots in my tank so I’ll Have more to share in a few months maybe. But not planning on fragging them anytime soon


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I really need to let stuff grow longer, but I like fragging to share with people.
So here’s the “mother” colony