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DBTC: Orange crush


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I just added Orange crush to DBTC.

There are 20 frag(s) available right now.


Don’t know if I did this correctly. If not please help me. I’ve been growing this for hella long. Use to be one of the top Softies way back in the day. It’s a orange ric. Also know as Orange Crush I believe. Anyhoo. You can’t kill this puppy.

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Looks the same as the rainbow Yuma mushrooms I have, and have in DBTC. They have different colors depending on light, this orange-dominant color is what I see whey they are in direct light.

I didn’t know it was a special named coral, but good to know. It is a beauty!


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Thanks for giving me the frag @phc567! Here's a shot from after picking it up. Unrolled, it's huge!

Also, major props for the covid-aware, curbside hand off. Spread corals not covids?