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@Srt4eric made a journal update.


Srt4eric said:
This is when I receive the frag 10/07


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Seems like a lot of trouble to get the band saw.

Signing up on barcode is too hard? How would you suggest we make it easier to borrow one of the 5 bandsaws?
It's not actually that hard to get the bandsaw.
But the thought of
1. hauling a large power tool in my car back home.
2. setting it up with water.
3. using it for 5 minutes to cut the coral.
4. cleaning up a big mess.
5. drying the saw
6. putting it back in my car and hauling it back to your house
7. cleaning out my car

All seems like a lot of work for my lazy ass.

Reefgrrl's way seems easier. :p