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DBTC: Sprung's Burning Bush


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I just added Sprung's Burning Bush to DBTC. Standard DBTC rules apply: you must give out two frags before selling any pieces. Supporting members only. Must have a tank journal and update with photos. Compare the color to the chaetomorpha below!

There are 1 frag(s) available right now.


Fluorescent red macroalgae collected by Julian Sprung and released by Colin Foord at Reefapalooza Orlando 2023. Strong grower, tumbles in refugia, and can be super glued to rocks. AKA Atomic Broccoli.

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Wow; that looks awesome! I'd love to get ahold of some of that, but I'm not sure when I'll head up that way next so I won't jump in line. Does it keep all that color variety? Do you know if herbivores will eat it?
So far my snails and hermits have ignored it, but will clean off any detritus. Not sure about fish since I don't have any herbivores.

Color has held under both refugium pink lighting, blue led, and white fluorescents. Took a little over a month to double in size.
Requesting a frag just so I don't lose track of this. I wouldn't be able to pick up for a week or two.

Thanks for the update. Very cool looking.