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DBTC: stomatella snail


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I just added stomatella snail to DBTC.

There are 10 frag(s) available right now.


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I'll be honest, first DBTC post. No idea how to do this: I've got a bunch of lil ones in the tank, what process do I go through to get them to y'all (and how many?)
How do I give these out?? I don't understand the process lol
For people that requested a frag just DM and work out pickups for the "frags". Once they pick up, go into BARcode and navigate to your collection, click "More" on the stomatella snails item, then hit the right arrow until you see "give a frag".

You can then give it to someone that got in line to request a DBTC. Feel free to edit the first post and say if you have rules, e.g. must be a supporting member.
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