Dennis' Tank Journal

Pictures don't tell the whole story. Acros are all gone. But all the monti's survived and still look fine. LPS didn't open up the first couple days, but are starting to look normal now, (except a single torch). The softies all recovered too.
Initially the water turned very murky and milky. It stunk up the whole house! There were hundreds of dead mini limpids, amphipods and 100's of dead mini brittle stars floating all around the rocks and water column. I'm sure there were tons of other dead things in the water. Funny thing is that I saw the mini brittle stars dying about the same time the fish were dying; I guess they needed a lot of O2.
I did three 40 gal water changes over the 1st 3 days. I also added a filter sock and a carbon reactor. I I wanted to do more water changes but had more power outages and heavy rain so I couldn't.
The water is now crystal clear and things look much better, but it looks so empty without my beloved fish.
Fish that died were: Yellow tang 8yo, blue tang 8 yo, female ocillaris 10 yo, mated pair of green mandarins 2yo, red dragonette 2 mo, leopard wrasse 1yo, pair of lyre tail anthias 1yo, pair of bimac anthias.
Fish that survived: male ocillaris and pair of firefish. I never found the dead mandarins or red dragonette.

Now my new problems is ALGEA! Ugh...
All kinds of brown algae is growing on the dead white SPS, as you can see in the pics. I guess I need more water changes. :confused:
You unfortunately lost all your herbivores while simultaneously increasing the surface area where algae can grow so I'd do what Mike said above. Maybe grab a bunch of trochus snails and some tuxedo urchins.
Just updated the BAR Code. RIP's from the tank crash in Feb.
To those who donated DBTC frags to me: Thank you for your generosity and your trust in me to take care of your frags. My apologies if your frag died while in my care.
Well there's always room to restock and at least you can rebuild since so many people have frags from these corals. It's like a backup coral bank in a way.