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Dosing Magnesium along side with Calcium Reactor

I am full dosing, but I use the BRS 2 part magnesium mix for magnesium. The part C from Tropic Marin is salt free salt, or everything in sea salt minus the sodium chloride. It is used to offset the natural creation of sodium chloride that comes out of using the 2-part dosing method.

I have the 5 gallon buckets of the two raw chemicals in this pouch.
You have to be careful when adding magnesium; too much and there might be a precipitate in the whole aquarium. Reborn media is basically coral skeletons which contains magnesium.
Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium.
Magnesium is not IIRC, added as often as the two-part solutions.
Testing of the ratio Calcium-Magnesium will let you know if you need to increase/decrease of either.


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I am using CaribSea ARM Reactor Media - Extra Coarse. I been testing and notice Magnesium is around 1250-1300. I am dosing some Tropic Marin from today while waiting for Magnesium solution from BRS.


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I don’t think many people run a CaRx. I know some media is marketed to have extra magnesium in it. Have you tried that?
I used to and have to say my stony corals and coralline grew amazingly when I was, but I'm just running kalk now. I did buy some BRS three part and was going to dose that but my CA/ALK seem ok with just kalk.



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I run coral skeleton in my CaRx. Have not needed to add magnesium. From my understanding softies use more mag than SPS/LPS.