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Dying gsp? Too much calcium?


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My calcium level is about 1100. Been auto dosing Reef Complete 60ml per day in a 100g. All other corals are fine. Within a week 2 gsp patch on the floor depleted and died. A third one is receding at the upper right corner edge. The ones on the back wall are less dense. Time for a 25% water change and lessen Reef Complete?

Are you using Reef Complete in conjunction with the carbonate additive (Reef Carbonate)?

If you are dosing balanced parts of both to maintain Alkalinity, and find your Ca climbs to maintain a stable Alk, perhaps your Mg is low as @Coral reefer suggested. It looks like Reef Complete also contains balanced ratios of Mg and Sr, so I wouldn't think that would be a problem, but who knows!

I've also found that GSP sometimes closes up for extended periods of time, seemingly randomly, but then comes back and continues growing like a weed :) Not sure if that's what is going on here, but your other corals look healthy in the photo.
What is your alkalinity measurement? I believe Calcium and Carbonate are on a see-saw where a very high value of one means a very low value of the other.

if you find your dKH is low (below 7) you can boost it with baking soda (look up how to mix up the carbonate part of DIY 2-part!). That may force some of that Calcium to precipitate out.
I don't know the effects of excessive calcium, but I know things need to be in balance at accepted levels.

Check your pH too.

As others mentioned, check your magnesium too.