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Emergency!!!! Front seam busted on 220!!!!

Ok, So I started looking at replacement tanks. Both acrylic and glass options. Strongly leaning toward acrylic this time. I'll deal with the potential scratches.

Advanced Acrylics can build it this week and I can pickup as soon as Sat, or have it shipped and received middle of the following week. 3/4" hand polished, museum grade is what he calls it. internal overflow drilled to my spec. Polycarbonate lids.

CDA would be approx 3 weeks. for a starphire setup of similar specs.

Both are roughly the same price at around 4g's to my door.

I'm thinking I could get everything into a temporary holding tank for a week or two and swap out tanks over that time frame.

May I ask how much they charge you for ? is it custom? rimless?