Eric's dream... (100g)


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I had no intention keeping this tank until @Galoot dropped it off. So I'm starting this tank journal. Who knows, one day it might actually be in my house with water in it.

List of equipment:
Visio 100 gallon 48"×24"×20"
40 gallon breeder sump.


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My goal for the tank is to have it set up in my house and to look awesome.

I really have no idea yet.
Then no one can really tell you if the lights will be adequate yet. ;)

If you want to go softy/lps, it's probably enough. Maybe a couple strategically placed sps. If you want more sps you will likely need more light.


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So the tank is still sitting in the backyard. Today picked up a used 4 month old MP40 for a really good deal. Tomorrow I might pick up a skimmer. What does everyone think of a Bubble Magus curve 7 for $50. That a decent skimmer for the 100g?