Eric's Fluval

I got a large rock from @Blaise006 from the other night to kick this thing off. It's covered in a beautiful monti.

So it was either set this little thing up or take a break. I have it on my kitchen counter so hopefully maintenance will be more of a priority. It should also make maintenance a little easier. I'm planning on making a mount like @thesassyindian has for a single XR15 above it.
I still have the mount he made. It's currently holding a heat lamp over a snake enclosure, but I can swap that for something else if you want it.
There's a bivalve growing on one of my snails. Kinda weird cause all of my snails came out if my 40 and I've never seen it before.

That's cool looks like a cross between a oyster and a muscle I've never seen one until now, Is this something you plan to keep in the tank or a potential pest?
Looks nice, I see your not the only one with a cat, I always have to yell at my cats for trying to sneak up and swipe at the fish when they aren't trying to nap on top of the tank.
I picked up a mount from @richiev today. I also moved the tank. I think it looks pretty good here.

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That's one spec'd out fluval!

Edit: lol, when I look at the pic more I see even more fanciness on it. Just noticed the apex, after the nero, after the light. I hope you have a hidden secondary sump with a fancy skimmer on it :). I also should've given you one of the mini refugium lights I was once using on mine.