February '24 POTM Contest


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February 2024
Picture of the Month Contest!

I hope you all enjoyed last month's whirlwind contest! Thanks to everyone that took part by either submitting a photo or voting.

Congratulations again to @iani with this awesome bounce Jawbreaker mushroom!

Let's get more submissions and voters!

Contest Details:

Submit an image that you took, that nobody else has seen yet. We want the images to be anonymous. So that means no pictures you have already used in this forum. Submit your pic to me via DM. You can win up to three times a year. If you win three times, you can no longer submit photos for the rest of the year.

This month's prize package includes:
$50 LFS credit

Contest open to Supporting Members
CUC deserve love too!
DM photo to @ReyDeFarts
Voting open to all forum members & guests
You can vote for more than one photo
Entries accepted until Feb 22nd at 11:59pm
Entries posted & voting starts Feb 23rd
Voting ends Feb 29th at 11:59pm
The winner is determined by the most votes
Winner announced March 1st
Got the first entry of the month tonight!

Just a reminder...theme is CUC and the due date for the pic is Feb 22 11:59pm
Got a couple more submissions! Shaping up to a be a good contest this month. Some tough decisions will have to be made.

Reminder...the theme this month is Clean Up Crew! You've got plenty of time to get your pic submitted.
Just another quick reminder to the club to get your votes in. I also edited the 9th entry with a bigger file. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened there.