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First new camera gear in 11+ years


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I haven't had a need to get any new camera gear for over 11 years. But I was also hungry for something that would create a whole new way to take photos. I started shooting different things, working with different clients, and doing all sorts of different shoots to see if I could find something that was a bit more novel. What I found was I really had an interest in more intentional shots. My gear was way too good. I was almost removed from taking the photo completely, and just pressing a shutter and relying on post process to finalize my photo wasn't rewarding anymore. My photography turned more into just logistics, and then post process, but not actually taking a photo.

I started playing around with my tiny Sony RX1R2's full manual mode (no autofocus, no aperture priority, nothing, all manual including white balance). It was fun. But the camera just isn't built for smooth manual focus, and the battery life sucks, even with using the popup EVF.

Finally, I rented a Leica Q2 and started using it fully manually, and I knew I was close. The Q2 is a little too point/shoot biased, like my Sony RX1R2, so I didn't need yet another one. But everything else felt great. I ultimately found a beautiful copy of the Leica M11 and a Summilux 50mm black chrome lens. So this is it, my new camera. I won't sell my old stuff, that will still have a place in a lot of my photography work, but I'm excited to become so much more in tune with taking photos now with the Leica rangefinder.

I'm currently shooting purely in the viewfinder, no Live View. ISO, shutter, white balance are all manually set, as well as the aperture ring (of course). Manual focus is actually fun and easy to use in this camera as well. When you find a lens/camera that is specifically made for manual focus, it changes everything.

Here is the camera!





Photo taken with the camera:

Inspirational post! Glad to come across this. Makes me want to pick up my camera and fall in love with shooting again! Thank you

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