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Free CRC Crystal flame acro (blue tabling acro)

Got one maybe 2 frags of california reef co's crystal flame acro available.

Free to any long term supporting member.

I really want you to grow this out and pass around.

The frags are 1 inch long or shorter.

This is a special piece from california reef co. Their mother colony died.

I'm in San Mateo.

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But if I had to choose a good home for one sweet frag.....and my choice was between me and Coral Reefer...I would choose CR.


One of the lost pieces. I hope whoever gets them grows the heck out of them since it's such a beautiful piece.


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I thought I’d update this thread. I’ve been in possession of this coral for quite sometime. It’s had many ups and downs. Now it’s under new radions for the last 2 weeks. It has growth and starting to color up but not as nice as the original piece pictured. I think alittle more time and it will. Frags will be available