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Free misc. items- buckets, containers, salt, feeder, filter floss


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[edit - everything has been claimed, thank you!]

Hi, I broke down my tank last month because I am moving. I still have a few miscellaneous items that are free if you want them. Send me a private message to arrange pickup. I'll leave things outside for you to grab. I'll do my best to coordinate pickups so you know the items are still available when you drive over. I am going to prioritize folks who want to take *all* items together, thanks!

Click here for photos.

Location: Sunnyvale


- Two 20 gallon brute trash cans for salt mixing. Clean. They have holes drilled in them for PVC and bulkheads.

- Two 5 gallon jugs (square shape) used for auto top off revervoir. Caps have RO line sized hole drilled in.

- 5 gallon bucket with threaded seal for salt storage, have about 1 or 2 gallons of H&W marine mix salt remaining

- Some 5 gallon buckets and a 3 gallon bucket

- EHEIM everyday fish feeder new in box

- 5 gallon bucket with bulkhead and RO line drain with needle valve, use for controlled drip water changes

- Filter floss cut into squares

- Ziplock bag with rock rubble
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Hi, it's all been claimed. You guys are fast!! Thank you to everyone who sent a private message.