License to krill

Green lithophyllon

Coral reefer

Staff member
So I still have this. Think I’ll cut it into 2-3 pieces. Pickup in sf. I’d rather it be before the swap next month so I can make room.


Supporting Member
I can’t believe people weren’t interested right away. I love the unusual texture and saturated color of lithophyllons. We have a couple in different colors that are doing great. What’s holding me back is getting over to SF. I’m out of town now, but Tuesday I’m taking 300 students to the Exploratorium so maybe I’ll bring them all over on the way. Haha, maybe next weekend? If another member pops up before then, that’s great.
BTW I’d like to frag the two we have in case something happens to our tank stability. Did you just cut the lithophyllon anywhere? What size frags would you suggest to encourage success?