Reef nutrition

Hello all! I'm as noob as noob gets :)


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Get the wife interested in the tank.

Just don't end up with a reef tank of puffers, boxfish, seahorses, and xenia :)
The wife is not to keen on the idea of an aquarium. She saw Finding Dory right around the same time I started throwing around the idea of reefing so she doesn't like the idea of fishes being "captive" in a tank. So a blue tang in the tank is definitely a no go. I'm hoping she's already forgotten about Finding Nemo because I really want a clownfish

Kidding aside, I'm hoping she gets to liking the hobby once my tank is established with all the pretty corals and fishies!

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Porcupine fish, the puppy dogs of the fish world.

"Porkie is sooo cyuuuute!!!"

That's how it all starts :)