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"Holiday" potluck, Richard Ross talk and mini frag swap (01/07)


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Hey everyone. Well it's better late than never. We will be having out annual holiday potluck and mini swap on Sunday January 7th. 5pm-8pm Please rsvp on this thread. We might even have a speaker talk. I'll let you all know about that later.

1) For the lunch potluck, please let us know in this thread what you are bringing and I’ll update the post below.

2) Richard Ross will be giving a talk

3) Just for fun we wanted to try out a mini frag swap at the potluck, details to follow.

The event is free (of course) for Supporting members and their guests.

This will be at Hightide Aquatics in Oakland
2819 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

I hope to see everyone there
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RSVP and what everyone is bringing (I will update)-

@The_Lazy_Reefer - setup/teardown
@ReyDeFarts -pulled pork sliders
@Invictus - dessert or bread (garlic)
@Alexander1312-walnut shrimp and eggrolls
@JVU-vegetable samosas
@Darkxerox -utensils/plates
@psidriven -chips and dip
@Thales - talk
@Arvin R-lumpia
@Michael Hans -pizza
@Crazymex408 -deviled eggs
@Srt4eric -drinks
@grizfyrfyter -
@CaptainB - appetizers
@Bruce Spiegelman -cheesy meats
@HankDean V
@Metopian Reef -veggies
@Jet Black
@jonmedina-smoked queso dip
@Apon -fruit plate
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This is going to be a special holiday version of a frag swap and here’s the rules and regulations you need to know. This is completely voluntary, the potluck and possible talk by Rich Ross are the main event.

Requirement 1 : You need to bring something for the potluck. Doesn’t have to be something homemade, can be something as simple as a bag of chips, a box of cookies, whatever.

Requirement 2 : You bring ONE frag of something, in a container with the name of said frag written on the container, and that’s it.

The frag that you bring should be something that you yourself would want to take home, so bring something nice, something healthy, something without pests. We don’t want to see a coral that looks like you ripped it right off the rock (soft coral) 2 minutes before you left, or fished it out from behind some rocks where it’s half dead or brown, or sprouting aiptasia or other nasty pests on it, if you can’t do that then we honestly do not want you bringing the coral. This is meant to spread holiday joy, not pests, frustration and anger. So do your club a solid, find one of your best fragable coral you have in your tank and bring that, then realize not everyone may have something as nice as what you brought and enjoy the food and talk, we’re trying to have fun not get rich from our take home.

Standard do not bring list includes green star polyps, anthella, xenia, brown palythoas, brown polyped leathers, or brown corals in general, colt coral, Kenya tree, encrusting gorgonian. Let’s just keep this to corals, with no “freebee” table or other things that need to be cleaned up after, if you have free stuff to bring make an announcement asking if anyone wants it and you can prearrange that stuff.

Picking order, and format, will be decided the day of the event based on the number of participants and the fact you’ll only have one picking turn. But do note if I see any crowding to the “front of the line” to try and be the first one to pick, I’ll invoke Grinch Rules #28c and make the picking start from the other end of the line
Grinch Rules #28c
grinch zoa.png

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I just updated the post. Richard Ross (@Thales ) has just confirmed that he will be giving a talk. I believe it will be on his recent efforts in coral spawning!!!

Whoever cannot wait for the Jan event or is unable to attend, this is an interesting video regarding the potential talk topic. As a newbie, coral spawning seemed to be a too far fetched of a topic to get into, but the way he explained this here sounds super interesting.